Tower Press is a small press that publishes new and established writers in a variety of forms. We publish full-length poetry collections, as well as chapbooks (of poetry, short-short fiction), novellas, plays, memoirs, lectures, essays, histories, mix-genre work, interviews, graphic novels, etc.

We welcome projects and proposals for work that challenges the normal publication conventions.

We are also interested works in English; however, we are also very interested in translations. We may also be interested in works in Spanish, or works that fluctuate between Spanish and English.

We are also interested in contemporary works by Irish writers. Please query. I’d love to see what you have: fiction, flash-fiction, memoir, poetry, etc.

We are not interested in sub-genre work (sci-fi, fantasy, fan-fiction, erotica, etc.).

We have open readings, though we do have a slight reading fee unless you have been directly solicited via e-mail by the editor. Reading fees are used to help pay for the publication and production of works and the material costs only.

Authors are not paid except for in print-copies, honorariums (in cases of contest winnings), and in situations where a publication has made a profit beyond production and publication costs. Tower Press will also send out review copies, solicit readings, send work out to awards, and perform other such promotions of our work and authors.

Tower Press is a sister-project of Anvil Lit Review and SIAR (an online scholarly journal of Irish studies to the West of the West of Ireland).


Tower Press is a brain-child of Jodi Chilson. She’s been pondering its creation, as well as Anvil Lit Review, for several years now, and the time has come.

Bring us the work that must be made, that had to be written, and we we help bring it to fruition. We work with artists, the author, and etc. to make the final work what it needs to be. We seek to maintain the integrity of the complete work.



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  1. How can I get copies of Of Dublin and other Fictions???????????????

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